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Civil War against the man

  • Fri, Nov 07, 2008 - 05:16pm



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    Civil War against the man

OK Doug,


Once again I will make this point. I really cant envision the Police and Military, in masses, attacking American citizens. Sure we may have a few Ruby Ridge or Waco type incidents where extreme force is used unnecessarily, but full outright combat against cities or areas that rebel? Not likely.

You see, civil servants and the military are in the same boat we all are in, if not worse. They don’t get paid much, and they are getting foreclosed on, have lost money in the markets, and are buying things for the same prices we all are.

The soldiers are stretched thin to begin with, and the ones coming back from Iraq are disillusioned for the most part, suffering from mental illness, or badly wounded. The ones that are left really are getting sick and tired of being on the 2nd or even 3rd wave of service when they should have been home already.

You are right, we are in a different time. We are in a time where the police and military are better educated, tired of a lot of the same BS we are, and I seriously doubt will fight Americans.

This is not the civil war, or even the Revolution that made this country. Strong dictators around the world make sure the military is well taken care of, like Cuba, Lybia and Egypt. Paid better than most citizens with good salaries, and have access to even better food and consumer goods. That is to protect them. In America, the military is paid badly, and treated like crap by the government that employees them. Are they the ones who will fight us? Maybe some on a small scale, but I don’t think on a large scale. Too much collateral damage.