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Chemistry, Calculus, & Competition

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  • Fri, Feb 26, 2010 - 02:20pm

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    Chemistry, Calculus, & Competition

Thanks everyone for the continued feedback. I have some more concerns that I would love some feedback on if you guys have the time.

Concern #3: Higher level sciences and laboratories

Thinking back to my high school education, I really enjoyed the higher level science and math classes.

Though its a long way away, I have some reservations that I could teach Chemistry, Physics, and Calculus at a high-enough level to prepare my daughter for college.

  • How do you teach subjects that you don’t fully understand?
  • How do you provide laboratory facilities for your science classes (such as dissecting a frog and a cat, or performing basic redux reactions in Chem lab)?

Concern #4: Competition

Now I can understand that competition might be a double-edged sword in education, but competition is a major component of adult life. If the goal of homeschooling is to prepare a child for adulthood, how do you provide a competitive aspect to their education with a limited group of peers?

  • How do you provide high-school level competition in team and individual sports, music, and academics?
  • And for that matter, how do you prepare your home-schooled child for the “social-competition” that dominates our culture? I can totally understand a parent’s desire to shield their child from this undesirable aspect of our culture, but their going to be exposed to it eventually and I think its prudent to prepare them for it. 

Thanks again everyone for your replies. You can clearly see that I’m a novice on this subject and I appreciate the discussion.


P.S. Earthwise, I totally understand and I’m sorry for the misinterpretation on my part.