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cheap energy

  • Sun, Aug 14, 2011 - 12:13am



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    cheap energy

good lord has anyone read chris’ book beside damn the matrix?  read what energy a gallon of gasoline produces and also read that once it’s used it’s gone. look at the amount of work it does and that is what you want from other forms of energy? i’m sorry but not only did we squander the oil, we became soft and complacent because of it. we thought that cheap energy was normal not a once on the earth experience.

then read chris’ comments on life in the future is going to be different.

then read that oil has peaked

then put it together.

cheap easy flick a switch way of life is energy is not clever, efficient, smart the way to go…it was..was cheap and used up.

or return to dumb thinking 101 and why not burn coal and pollute the air, or nuclear energy….just so you can pay 15 cents a kilowatt to run a hair dryer????

it always amazes me on this website where folks are looking for where to put their money into something that will benefit them in the future….and then they miss the concept of solar energy…

i have solar and wind….and own……and yes it cost something, and no it wasn’t cheap….but it doesn’t give me cancer like the other forms of energy that we have currently.and right now the gov’t doesn’t own it…or control it….i do. it’s price from here on out is nothing.

and no it doesn’t take acres of land

this message is coming to you via solar power , it’s running my computer

is it cost effective?

you betcha

i have it and you don’t……that is it’s value.

lastley….i wonder how many of you actually realize….i mean you read what chris says, do you actually realize the implications of what is not going to be there?

sometimes i don’t think you get it.