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central planning…

  • Mon, Aug 13, 2012 - 03:35am


    Jim H

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    central planning…

I am not one to fear monger.  I continue to be completely dumbfounded though by so many of the concepts presented by Darbikrash, and now Alihaymeg.  Not because I don’t agree with many of the criticisms of the current system… clearly our debt money and the exponential growth requirements it entails will have to be replaced with something else.

Darbi said,  So lets be clear and say definitively that community level resource management, not centrally planned master economies can, and should, be effective mechanisms of governance.

How on earth would this work?  I fully support idea of relocalizing things that are amenable to relocalization… but last I checked there is not much Lithium mining going on in my neck of the woods… so the Lithium for the batteries for my electric car is going to have to come from some place far away.. some value chain that stretches possibly worldwide.  What you are proposing is nice sounding and idealistic, but completely untenable in the real world where (some, not all) resources are not very evenly distributed.  

So again, I ask… how does the Lithium (or any good like this.. be it oil, Cerium, Silver, or a biological that comes from the bark of a rare tree in Africa) get distributed, if not through a non-local market?   Where does this, “natural law” say the Lithium should go, and what would be the motivation for any group to continue mining Lithium in your vision of the future?