Carter Page And The Two-Hop Rule

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    Carter Page And The Two-Hop Rule

It has taken me this long to figure out why the Obama Administration cared about the absurdly low level staffers George Papadopolous and Carter Page.  It is all about The Two Hop Rule.

The US government is allowed to employ the full force of the NSA surveillence machinery against any US citizen up to 2 hops away from the target of a FISA warrant.  How does that math work out?

If Carter Page has 120 email and telephone contacts, and those contacts each have another 120 contacts, a FISA warrant on Page allows “the government” to collect literally all traffic to and from 14,400 US citizens.  And it can go back 5 years in its 10-exabyte database ( to fish things out that might be of interest.  Candidate Donald Trump was two hops from Carter Page, for instance.  Convenient, that.

All that information is available as a direct result of the FISA warrant on Carter Page.  A FISA warrant is the Holy Grail of domestic campaign intelligence collection.  Putting a listening device in the Watergate Hotel is – it’s just peanuts by comparison.  Penny-ante stuff.  One bug, versus traffic on 14,400 American citizens, collected up to 5 years previously.  It’s digital time-travel surveillance.  Nixon’s mind would have been blown by the possibilities.

So go back to 2016.  All the high level people in NSA, FBI, and CIA put in place by Obama – over an 8 year period – all want HRC to win the 2016 election.  Trump is a dufus, after all, and would be a disaster for the country.  He needs to lose the election 100,000,000 to 0.  So, for all the right reasons, they pretext Carter Page, get the FISA warrant, and armed with FISA and the Two Hop Rule, they are able to watch everything Trump and his people do, in near real time – as well as dig around in the past too. They have the ability to know literally everything that is to be known about that campaign.

That’s a lot of work.  They dutifully send updates to Candidate HRC via email, which end up…on her server.  Which turns out to be woefully insecure.  Oops.  The high level Obama people (and the agencies they run) don’t like this, because its known that the Russians basically have hoovered up everything on that server…and now they are all exposed.  So they conduct an investigation designed to warn both her and others that being sloppy will not be tolerated – although not prosecuted either.  Emails are deleted, to everyone’s relief, as they would embarrass both the organizations providing her campaign intel, and HRC herself.  Everyone gets immunity deals, and except for Jim Comey’s public spanking, that’s the end of it.

But just before that, HRC rigs the Democratic primary (“all in a good cause”, after all) and “defeats” Bernie.  A Bernie-supporting staffer at the DNC is disgusted by what he sees, and decides to leak a massive number of incriminating emails to Assange at Wikileaks, who gleefully publishes the leaked material.

HRC and her team are aghast – what to do?  There is the DNC leak, and Russia has the emails from her server that detail the support the Obama Admin has provided via the FISA warrant and the Two Hop Rule.  Russia must be discredited in order to forestall a much more serious crisis that would end up implicating all those high level people at the 3 agencies, so everyone involved agrees – they need to blame Russia for literally everything.  And so they do.  Those Evil Russians stole emails from DNC!  Three agencies all agree, it was them.  (Better Russians than them, certainly.  And besides, Putin really isn’t such a nice man.)

Will they be discovered?  No, since there’s no way Trump could possibly win.  They will have 8 years of the HRC administration to cover it up, from 2016-2024, where the right people will continue to have jobs, and the status quo will continue.

But then the unthinkable happens…Trump is elected.  Even though the campaign has been monitored in near real time by the surveillance apparatus of the US government.  What do to?  All your friends jobs, and the credibility of the agencies they lead, are now at risk.  What to do?

The Mueller investigation is the answer.  Investigate Trump long enough, and you’ll find something.  Everyone is guilty of doing something, you just need to look hard enough.  And especially Trump.  Everyone knows he’s a bad man.  (I certainly thought they’d dig up “something” after two years).

In the middle of all this investigating, Trump meets Putin.  Obama’s holdovers at the 3 agencies are holding their collective breath.  What will Putin say to Trump?  They are all at risk.  They have done their best to spread the story that Trump is just Putin’s puppet, in order to discredit the intel Putin has collected.  During the meeting, Trump makes sure to remove everyone from the room except the translators.  Holy crap.  Putin tells Trump: “we have her emails, and your agencies were spying on your campaign, sending the take directly to her.”  Knowing the cards that Putin is holding, Brennan calls Trump a traitor for meeting with Putin alone.  This is effective – Brennan’s disinformation campaign successfully ensures that Trump cannot directly use the intel he received.  Even so, Trump now knows for sure what happened in 2016.

Fast forward a year – and the impossible happens once again.  Mueller fails in his efforts, after 2 years, 40 FBI agents, putting everyone in sight in jail for “lying to the FBI”, and after spending $40,000,000.  He comes up with nothing.   And now, Mueller’s friends are at swinging in the breeze, having used the full power of their agencies to materially aid HRC’s campaign via that fishy FISA warrant and the Two Hop Rule.

And now there’s this new AG…who seems as though he’s interested in investigating what went on.  He is even calling those activities “spying”, which is an awfully disagreeable term.  After all, they were just trying to save the country from Trump.  That’s hardly spying.

And that’s where we are today.


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