Carbon Blob as NWO mouthpiece

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  • Wed, Dec 23, 2015 - 03:00pm


    Jim H

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    Carbon Blob as NWO mouthpiece

CB said,

And here too. Given that one of the favourite subjects on this site is lesson of the past about collapsing societies, I find it pretty amazing to see such unwillingness to learn from the past regarding nationalist politics.

And there it is.  Get your NLP here folks;  Being of Nationalist bent = Nazi.  Therefore the opposite must always be good, right?  The opposite of Nationalist is Collectivist.  CB is a collectivist, NWO troll. 

Not all nationalism is nazi or fascist.  If I oppose the TPP because it imposes supra-sovereign powers over my country, does that make me a f#cking Nazi… I don't think so.  If I think (and some of my direct report employees in Germany think) that the refugee flows due to the EU's open borders are unnatural and overwhelming to some of their towns… does that make them bad?  No, it does not.

Carbon Blob wants you to invite the new world order in for tea.  Will you do it?