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Capitalism works, after a

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  • Mon, Mar 28, 2011 - 08:02pm



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    Capitalism works, after a

Capitalism works, after a fashion, when human  populations have access to capital on a planet they have not trashed during their growth phase. As we have exceeded carrying capacity, and the accumulation of capital at the apex,  is resembling a multilevel marketing scheme or ponzi, it’s time for something that is has some aspects of both socialism, Communism, without dispensing with some of the features of Capitalism,  altogether.

There is nothing pleasant or  “freeing” about a capitalist society that is degrading into fascism. And this is the police control you need to keep vast numbers of unemployed and disenfranchised under the rubric of “free markets”. It’s such a load of horse sh**, it’s beyond belief that the people who have the most to lose still believe in this nonsense.