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Bullets and Bellybuttons

  • Tue, Oct 07, 2014 - 12:50pm



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    Bullets and Bellybuttons


You sound anxious.  Have you covered the basics?  Do you have a place to go with clean, dependable, water?  Do you have a rifle? Do you have food stores? Do you have some people that you trust and who trust you?  My experience has been that I have become less anxious about preserving my "wealth" as I have become more confident about preserving my life. 

You mention "Retreat Centers".  Are these places where you are known and trusted as a neighbor by the surrounding community?  A bunch of uptight white people, expecting to be taken care of, are unlikely to be welcome.

I make these comments with concern and respect from one PPer to another, you don't sound like you are in a good head space,

John G.