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Bear in mind, the only training of the dog you can do yourself is obedience.  The protection phase requires a “helper”, though contrary to title, he’s the one doing most of the work.  You COULD try to train a helper yourself, but this would be the blind leading the blind, and you would either ruin your dog or get someone seriously hurt.

A good book to get you started is “The Business Security Canine: Selection and Training” by the Duets.  This is an excellent primer to temperament and end-goals with respect to the work.

When you are ready to start training, get “Dog Training with The Touch”.  Both Tom and Annetta really know their craft.  Follow their advice closely for obedience foundation work.

The decoy seen in many of the photos in that book is Ron Marshall, one of the top decoys in the world, in my opinion.  His basic approach is very similar to the techniques I saw in Slovakia, and are very similar to my own, all of which are roughly described in “The Koehler Method of Guard Dog Training”.

Mention the Koehler method among professional trainers, and you’ll get a lot of people rolling their eyes.  Ignore his obedience material, there are far better methods (like the ones in The Touch).  BUT…  his method of guard dog agitation is FAR superior to the crap being taught by most Schutzhund trainers.  Sport trainers train for maximum points on the field, and they are very good at that.  The Koehler method is a much more serious approach, and will produce a dog that takes his job seriously, and can be depended on when deployed.  With sport-style training, there is always the possibility that the dog will not engage in real life.

The most cost-effective approach that will work is to train the dog yourself, starting at 5 weeks, in obedience and chase and bite games.  Then, when the dog is 6 months to a year old, pay the money for a professional to do the agitation and bite work.

Another option is to buy an adult dog, but a fully guaranteed protection dog will run you about $6K or more.  I know one guy that sells dogs for $15K all day long…:(