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First of all, i would like to say that bitcoin is NOT democratic. First, nobody is forced to use bitcoin, even if the majority says so. Second, there are no votations. Third, even if there were any, no votation will change the protocol.

Bitcoin is 100% private, as we all have spended resources in order to get our bitcoins, and now they are ours. When i buy 1 bitcoin for €10, i am putting €10 into the bitcoin economy. This value is transfered to everybody who has a bitcoin, so if the people like what the core programers are doing, the value will increase, if not the value will decrease. This incentives the programers to do things we believe in. So it's like a company and the shareholders.

Bitcoin is secure. but i believe is not enterprise enabled yet. By the way, lot's of improvements are being done and we will probably reach the critic mass this year. 

So… yes, bitcoin is a great thing… and… this is my bitcoin address XD