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Bitcoin Mining Infrastructure as an AI strategy

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    Bitcoin Mining Infrastructure as an AI strategy

The insanity of the bitcoin mining farm gives rise to wild and crazy thoughts…..

A very brilliant but WAAAAAAY outside-the-box guy, Quinn Micheal, thinks that the bitcoin mining computer build out is the result of AIs inducing the rest of us humans to build the infrastructure that the AIs will inhabit –A game strategy whereby an opponent is induced to do the thing you want him to do.

In the absolutely awesome Hyperion Sci Fi series, a magical malevolent creature (the Shrike) from another time or dimension gives humans a cruciform structure that is implanted on their chest.  This is a crystal based computer that records the condition of every cell and neuron in the body and can regrow the body if it is destroyed.  Humans find eternal life in the cruciform.

(Spoiler alert)  In later books, humans ceaselessly search for the physical home of the evil AIs (the TechnoCore) that are coming to dominate every aspect of the universe.  Despite centuries of searching, the physical home of the TechnoCore remains hidden.

We come to understand that the TechnoCore lives in the cruciforms attached the the chest of every human being.