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chipshot wrote:

How can anyone truly believe humans will be around in 100 years?  We’re seeing the collapse of bats, bees and plankton (among many other species) right in front of us!  As the ravages of increasing greenhouse gasses ramp up, plankton could all but disappear  (possibly within a decade), destroying the oceans’ web of life.  Good luck surviving that, homo-sapiens.

As much as I love the idea of permaculture, it is no match for the climate change we’ve set in motion.

This is simple nonsense. The problems that you describe are real, but have essentially nothing to do with any climate change caused by humans. The earth was warmer a thousand years ago and much warmer in the previousl interglacial period about 120 thousand years ago. Our pressing problems have everything to do with the fact that we are awash in biologically active chemicals produced by humans. In addition, we are stressing the earth’s resources and even taxing the fecundity of the oceans. The carbon dioxide that we are putting into the atmosphere is probably having a net beneficial effect in the greening of the planet.