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Bicycle Advice, please.

  • Sat, Aug 08, 2009 - 08:14pm

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    Bicycle Advice, please.

Hi, folks;

At a local barn sale, I just ran across two Schwinn Hornet Model A’s, both in excellent condition.  One’s a 1950 and the other is a 1953 model.  The 1950 has had a bit of [very well done] touchup painting.  The other is nearly pristine.  Original decals and whatnot are intact on both.  Even the seats are original (ouch!) and the lights/horns work, which is cool, cause they’re so retro.  Both are perfect sizes for hubby and I.  The fellow wants $1900 for the two of them.  I like the solidity of older bikes.  I was wondering whether these would be good candidates for electrifying, and what a good price to pay for them, in the Midwest, would be. 

Would this be a good plan, or would I be better off with a modern model?