Best Vax Prophylactic Detox Protocol?

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  • Thu, Oct 14, 2021 - 08:14am



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    Best Vax Prophylactic Detox Protocol?

1000mg of vitamin C is ridiculous. Before the vax that would be OK. After the vax, she could up it to 1000mg per hour, until bowel tolerance. Then stop.

Also, fasting activates programmed cell death (apoptosis), so, she could opt for 3 days or more of intermittent fasting, or if she is a tough little cookie, 5 days. For a woman, 12 hours is generally sufficient. This can be easily achieved by not eating after 19:00, going to bed early, drinking some green tea in the morning (it contains also a zin. Ionophore!, ECGC) and having a late breakfast, or early lunch. If she feels hungry, drink some green tea, or water, no juice! (sugar), and no “light” drinks (poison).

what amazes me is that in all these protocols natural bloodthinners are ignored. Depending on her health status, she could drink one or two cups of ginger tea. Hot water, a normal teaspoon of ginger powder, and voila. Do not overdo this! The first three days seem to be critical wrt blood cloths.

It is furthermore adviced to visit a sauna if possible.
wrt supplements, if money is a problem, and if you or she have a cryptoaccount, pop me a PM. I’m more than willing to send some to help out. (Only you, I will ignore other PM’s)

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