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I don’t “believe” that GHGs are a problem, I merely accept the current consensus (and have read a fair bit about it). What else is a lay person to do? Should I believe you instead? Now please answer honestly, with the assumption that I don’t have the necessary skills and resources to take apart every climate change peer reviewed paper or do my own research. If you want me, and others who accept the consensus. If you think, on this basis, that I should probably not believe you, why are people (who, generally, are not climate scientists and do’t have the skills and resources to do their own research) ignoring the consensus? Is it because the assumption that they don’t have the skills and resources to check for themselves is wrong or because it would be inconvenient to accept the consensus?

Peak oil and climate change are both significant aspects of the predicament we face and yet neither has prompted any significant actions either by significant numbers of individuals or by governments. So, don’t worry, I have no illusions about the likelihood of mitigation for either of these issues, or any other issue in our predicament. Really, all I can hope for is that increasing numbers of people grasp the big picture – that we are living unsustainably – and start to alter their own lifestyles and begin to demand that their societies take steps to move toward sustainability. If you think we should move towards sustainability, I can’t see why you would seek to deny something which seems to have such widespread agreement in science circles, particularly climate science circles. If you can’t come up with a better explanation of what is happening, as Mark has challenged, then why persist with your line of arguing, because it just provides people with another reason (in their minds) for doing nothing about our predicament.