Before looking and loans and

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    Before looking and loans and

Before looking and loans and lines of credit I believe it is important to look at the core of a new currency system. Banks tend to play a large roll in the collapse of a currency, corruption and lake of limits also play a role in this. 

As I have already mentioned KPI's need to be identified as a base. This would ensure that a currency is not focused on greed. 

One of the biggest issues we have at the moment is greed. Iphone costs $50 to make yet sells for over a $1,000. Most of the products we buy come with a massive markup. 

There is simply no need for this however the current system not only allows for this to happen it promotes it. 

The old saying "money doesn't grow on trees" is a good one however it also raises the question! Should money grow? I am not suggesting we use leaves as a currency however Bitcoin did have a good idea. Money had to "Grow" therefore a limit is applied. Bitcoins doesn't have any KPI's and does have a lot of room for corruption however the initial concept was good. Even though Bitcoin was the reason the silk road took off giving it a dark past.

The concept of "Growing" money is appealing I believe there are more variables that need to be applied.

When it comes to the banking industry we need to make sure it works with the currency not the currency works with the banks. The idea of getting a loan for things we want and don't need is something that would have to be reviewed. Getting a loan to buy an Iphone, not really smart and contributes to the growing issue. 

Interest is something that really needs to be reviewed and on a system that removes banks from the core gives less restrictions when applying limits. 

There is a post on this site about an alternative and it has some ideas that could work and others that need a little refining. I am referring to Possible Future Solutions 2.0

So it has been identified that less pollution, more trees and more advancements in technology are just some of the things people want. Converting some of these into KPI's while still making the currency work in the real world is the hard part.