Be very cautious with ANY heat source

  • Mon, Jan 30, 2017 - 03:30pm

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    Be very cautious with ANY heat source

Quoting Kevin above: "Be very cautious with a 'vent-free' heat source"

You could remove 'vent-free' from the line. All heat sources carry inherent risks. 

"With no vent or flue pipe the combustion gases from the heater end up in the room/house with you."

Modern kerosene and gas heaters have combustion efficiency exceeding 99.9% which reduces CO production down to miniscule levels. The  combustion gases then are essentially water vapour and carbon dioxide. If a heater is properly maintained, the greater risk is O2 depletion. 

Any indoor heat source using combustion is potentially lethal. Even wood stoves and fireplaces for example. Note the difference in this chart between gas stoves and home wood fire exhaust.

Bottom line, any heat source (Gas/oil/electric/wood, vented/unvented) carries risk, and following sensible precautions is a must at all times.

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