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Evidently I've derailed the discussion?

I asked if Donald Trump was a Neo-con>?  Then showed you some links to look at, and then followed those up with some suggestive info from the past. A tiny piece of what's out there.

The purpose was to give a sense of what kind of paradigm has been used and employed to control assets. It is a truth; one which defines the reality of our current world.

Recognizing reality and facing truths is important for understanding why our own Nation (The Untied States of America) is in complete disarray and ready to fall into another civil war, or at least some kind of mass insanity.

This idea that we still have a secular government is an illusion. There are forces who are deeply involved, just as Sand_puppy has alluded to. That the power, wealth, an ability of the American People is a treasure chest and we are fools for not recognizing these ancient power structures.

The walls Donald Trump speaks about cannot prevent an idea or thought from crossing them. Cement and barbed wire with machine guns It didn't work for the Communists and I don't think it will work for us either.

We either face up to what's eating our nation, or else this miracle of  human history, the Bill of Rights and the government that was founded upon it, will vanish.

Look around and smell the coffee, we got the three major religions raising hell on earth, just like they have for the last 2,000 years, and being played off each other by their leaders.

Now, is it three religions or is it one organized crime cabal using believers and politicians to extract your money and your kids lives?

Just look at our own so called beacons of light and brilliance, both political and economic, and been smuggling in millions of foreign nationals under a guise of needed workers while nearly half the population of the United States either is already unemployed or has a job so poorly paid they are already on food stamps.

When they aren't doing that, they are inventing new taxes and passing laws without plebiscites (voting), and most of which are designed to either remove our rights, restrict our travel, extort our money to corporate coffers, and on and on. Hardly a democracy when there's no representation before taxation.

Americans launched a revolution over what amounted to a 3% taxation, and today the working Americans are paying well over half their wages in taxes, and now they are compelled to pay to drive on the roads they already paid for or face arrest and confiscation of private property for traveling on public highways?

Neither the political nor the economic leadership in the United States appears to be interested in anything but planting another dagger in the backsides of the average American, and why is that?

Is this the work of patriots then>?  What do you think?

What kind of people betray their own nation?  Gangsters and religious zealots, and what better to hide behind than proxies, which is partly why I posted what I did.

Finally, this idea that we must prohibit speech, both religious and other forms, and because it leads too combative discussions is not going to serve us well. It will prevent the understanding necessary that it is, in fact, the religions of the world, the three primary ones to be specific, and whom are ultimately responsible for the downfall of our own nation.