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 Asheville. Great views,

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     Asheville. Great views,


Great views, great weather. Currently, work is found in govt.,health care and hospitality. Travel out of here for work is challenging. Yankees are tolerated in the rural areas, welcomed in Asheville. It is the bible belt. It is the South. Huge retirement community. Large "alternative lifestyles" presence (hippy, gay, goth….). Great restaurants. Great alternative health practices. Great natural groceries. Farm to table is growing rapidly.


It is mountainous so in a time of liquid fuel shortage, it will hit here harder. Our Honda gets 30mpg here where flatlanders are getting 37mpg. Public tranportation (busses) is poorly run. Buncombe county is broke and has too many social programs and recipents. NC and Asheville are broke too. Buncombe county and Asheville work with Agenda 21 counselors. Battle coming there. IMO, both the county and the city governments will tax citizens out of town rather than shrink. Battle coming there. The region is historically one of the poorest in the nation and to get to the nice neighborhoods in the country you’ll drive past trailers and poverty. Plenty of pesticides have been used in apple and tobacco fields. The water system in Asheville is old and the blueprints were lost. Oops. There is plenty of water here. Many homes use oil for heat and natural gas is not in all neighborhoods. 

As with all places, it’s a mixed bag. Too much for me to write. If you come up with specific questions PM me.

With regards to the OP:

1)Hurricanes can bring flooding around rivers and streams.

2)Lots of water in springs and creeks. Use caution when purchasing as some are dry in drought.

3)Population growth is not strong, young, productive Americans. There is little draw for them here.

4)Small game – squills, skunk, coon, opossum are plentiful. Deer are few and small, nothing larger. Not a huge game bird population.