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Arthur Robey

  • Fri, Mar 22, 2013 - 05:36pm


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    Arthur Robey

Oh man… you really gave me a long deep belly laugh there Rose in talking about our exalted community member Arthur.  Indeed, a man of deep thoughts and few words.  I will owe him a beer (or four) if LENR ever pans out as a future energy source.      

As one rooted more in the sciences, I still can see both sides to some degree (I write and draw left handed).  It is my observation that at the edge of our understanding of science, the questions turn back to philosophy;  Why do the photons know if they are being observed by us in the classic two slit experiment?  By what means do entangled particles communicate their connectedness?  Does intention really have power?  (I think so)

I assert that the Universe is incredibly humbling.