Anybody Farm Shopping?

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    Anybody Farm Shopping?

Dreinmund, I live in the country about 7 miles out of town – no cable internet.  But I had satellite internet put in when we moved here 13 years ago and it has been very reliable; see

Good download speeds – we do internet for multiple computers, TV streaming, etc.

Biggest drawback is that there’s maybe a 3/4 second delay between making a request and then starting to get the results (while that request goes out into space and back).  Not a big deal for web browsing, but kind of annoying on Zoom calls because I won’t hear someone else start to talk (or they won’t hear me start) due to the delay and we end up talking over each other sometimes.

Occasionally, during a heavy thunderstorm we’ll lose the satellite connection, but just for a few minutes.  And once a very heavy, wet snow stuck to the satellite dish and I had to go out and brush it off to restore service!

But all in all, it’s been very good, reliable service.