anatomy of a bigot

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    anatomy of a bigot


I found the turn this thread took was disturbing.  Treemagnet rants and raves and spews hate about a generation and only a handful confront him on it.  When we use a broad (and inaccurate) brush to paint an entire group of (heterogeneous I may add) people who simply are born around the same time in the same area to create scapegoats, it fosters divisiveness and hate, not unity and harmony.  Hitler, a failed artist, did the same thing blaming the Jews for his and Germany's problems.  This is a very dangerous way of thinking. 
And what is it based on?  A book?  And what is that book based on?  A theory … a hypothesis actually, unproven .. not undeniable, incontrovertible facts.  I enjoyed reading The Fourth Turning and garnered a lot of information from it but also recognized it numerous shortcomings.  I also recognized the potential (which is gradually being realized even while most of its proponents don't recognize it yet) of fostering another dimension of the Hegelian dialectic.  Wake up those who are sleeping!  They've added (and will use) generation against generation like man against woman, race against race, religion against religion, poor against rich, etc.  Basing your worldview and life philosophy on this book is not too far removed from basing it on Mein Kampf.  That doesn't fault the work as an academic exercise but it does fault those who embrace it as an absolute 100% truth and infallible.  
The problem is not a generation and the problem never will be a generation.  The problem is individuals who can be found in each and every generation.  Chris Duane recently wrote of how the major problem facing the world is not the economy, energy, environment, etc.  It's sociopaths.  The sociopaths who gravitate to the halls of power in both the business and corporate world are the ones who have inflicted most of the misery upon mankind.  Read The Sociopath Next Door and other books on the subject to learn how to identify and deal with these individuals.  My colleagues and I call these folks the one percenters (and it's not the 1% based on income).  It's the one percent of the population that causes 99% of the problems.  It's the Hitlers and Stalins, the Goldman CEOs and Monsanto CEOs, the Henry Kissingers and the Zbigniew Brzezinskis, etc.  But there are sociopaths on the low end of the food chain as well and they can be just as problematic on the local level.   
What I also find disturbing is when someone writes a post and says "No offense" but their post is offensive.  Or when someone claims that they're are not angry but their writing reeks of anger.  While there's nothing wrong with anger per se and righteous anger is justified (although it is nowadays regularly lambasted by the politically correct in a ploy to induce widespread passivity), anger directed against a group for the actions of a few in the group is misdirected and fuels the flames of hate.  It makes me wonder what has happened to one to hate like that.  The revelation of a dysfunctional family brings understanding when one realizes the projection of one's personal family problems onto the broader population of the same age range is what has occurred.  Also revealing is the discussion of doing business with honesty and integrity while at the same time talking of "getting my money out of them" and looking for any way to make the sale.  A bit of an incongruity there which typifies the archtypical (and probably mythical) greedy boomer he purports to loathe.  He has become who he hates, a common psychological paradox of the dysfunctional. 
Frankly, I had planned to leave PP a while ago.  So If I'm banned, no big deal.  But I can't leave a bigot like this unanswered.  
If you're a failure, bigot, blame yourself, not a generation.  Chew on that, bigot.