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America isn’t ready

  • Mon, May 13, 2019 - 06:07pm



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    America isn’t ready


Zero has posted a frightening link to future events in Congo with regard to Ebola.
And the title asks: The Next Plague Is Coming. Is America Ready?

If you’re looking at me, just like 2014, that answer is a resounding “Hell, NO!”

We have learned nothing from 2014.
Nothing whatsoever.

Now a word from Reality:

1) Ebola is spread by coughs and sneezes.
That’s droplet precautions, not contact.

2) Coughed and sneezed particles of virus-laden material travel 25 feet, and are suspended in air up to ten minutes.

3) The minimum number of Ebola viruses sufficient to ensure infection is one.

4) In the current DRC Ebola outbreak, 50% of victims show no sign of fever once infected.

5) The only symptom airport screeners over there and over here look at, to screen out potential Ebola victims from travelling, is (wait for it)…fever.

6) There are 11…ELEVEN…total BL-IV hospital beds to properly care for Ebola victims, in all of North America, and three of those are permanently reserved for military victims near the US chem/bio research labs.

7) In 2014, we had filled 10 of those beds at once with the victims of Ebola we were treating, including the two ICU nurses from Dallas from one case of Ebola in the wild, in the US.
IOW, we were two patients from being Liberia then, or Kivu province now.

8) Once it hits mainstream US hospitals, society here is functionally over, in about a week.
So, you do the math on how well airport screeners (known worldwide for looking the other way for a sawbuck) and possessed of a 6th-grade education on average, and hazy acquaintance with scientific thought or even math above ten without taking their shoes off, will do at protecting the First World from the pestilence of the Turd World.

Ain’t. Gonna. Happen.

Afterwards, you’ll probably want to review Zero’s posts and links on the local LDS cannery nearest you, and start stocking up on buckets, and water barrels, along with the sort of canned goods that come in square olive drab metal cans.

The question isn’t whether such pestilence is coming here, it’s simply a matter of when.
After that, YOYO.
God help you if you’ve ignored preparations for such an eventuality, at that point.
Nothing else will.

{Where I’m working currently, they’re doing decon drills, which, exactly like the ones the .mil had me do in the 1980s, mainly serve to underline that with chem/bio threats, in any serious outbreak, the first people infected are going to die, quickly, and the most prudent response besides running for the hills and living behind concertina wire for weeks to months (if you can manage that, because you should), will be to bend over,grab your ankles, and kiss your @$$ goodbye.}

I’m not kidding.
I’m not exaggerating.
I don’t know how to put this any more plainly.

You will see this material again.

Failure to plan is planning to fail.