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Alternative Antiinflammatory, Herbal or Other Therapy

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  • Sat, Jul 04, 2009 - 08:28pm

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    Alternative Antiinflammatory, Herbal or Other Therapy


Hi, all;

Well, here’s the other shoe  . . .  Who knows what causes these things, but, without any prior warning, I woke up with lower back pain yesterday morning, and it’s gotten nothing but worse.  First ice, then heat, have given me temporary relief, but have not stayed the progression.  I have some experience with back troubles (a tad of instability at S5/L1), and know the usual postural precautions, but spasm and inflammation are my closest companions at the moment.  As I type, I am standing with my laptop on a makeshift stand, as sitting seems to exacerbate the instability. 

I was about to head to my library and study up on herbal antiinflammatories, and realized that I might try to throw this question out there for any of our resident herbalists, or just regular folks who have been using home remedies.  Any information, whether herbal or other therapeutic strategies, would be most appreciated.  My garden is in full swing, and I can’t be on my can when I should be at my canner . .  .