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all by themselves

  • Sun, Oct 09, 2011 - 02:15am

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    all by themselves




I think it’s a very strong point that they haven’t made specific demands… Their worry is that if they make specific demands, then the media and other people will make these particular demands the issue. That’s not the issue. The sense is that the financial system is dysfunctional as a system. That means that you can’t make a technocratic demand like “fix this,” or give a consumer protection law, or appoint Elizabeth Warren to the commission.

It’s much bigger than that. There’s an awareness that the whole financial system is dysfunctional… The government is in the hands of the financial lobbyists. That’s why it’s called Occupy Wall Street, because [Wall Street] essentially bought the electoral campaigns and bought the Obama administration. And I can tell you that there was an absolute disgust yesterday and today after Mr. Obama’s attempt to hijack the Occupy Wall Street demonstration by saying “here’s what I’m trying to do to help,” and then he gave a couple of lobbying statements written by his Wall Street financial lobbies…

They’re disgusted with the Obama administration, they’re disgusted with the Bush administration and the republicans, they’re disgusted with politics being for sale to the highest lobbyists. And they’re disgusted with the debt overhead… The system doesn’t work, and they don’t want to reduce this to a set of technocratic little fix its and paste-its.[/quote]

A fairly sophisticated approach that recognizes the universality of the real focus of the movement.  Although I do wish they would focus on frog marching thousands of criminal traders in chains to waiting paddy wagons.  That would be cathartic.



Actually, since they’re so predatorial and love competition so much, I think they should be rewarded with freedom.  I can envision the plot of a Stephen King movie where you take the top 1,000 (or multiples thereof) offenders and give them their freedom on, oh let’s say Henderson Island in the Pitcairn Islands.  They’re free to do whatever they want (grow food, hunt, fish, or if times get tough, even cannibalize … after all, that would be the ultimate in competition … eat or be eaten).  They’re even free to try to swim or float to the nearest major land masses thousands of miles away.  Yes, I think we should give them their freedom where they can predate and compete to their sociopathic little hearts’ content without disturbing the rest of us.