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    Agent 700 you’ve educated me

Agent 700 you’ve educated me – a trip to China might have helped! Being the author of Tao The Ching is too nebulous and obviously doesn’t cut it with practioners for whom actual attainment is everything I’m guessing. There’s nothing theoretical about energy Taoism As far as I’m concerned its mainly work and perseverance. I use Taoism” because people have heard of it but Joseph Campbell says this power has been known to all culturesI haven’t tried the cave but found that lying on a floor over granite opened my heart center. There would likely local energetic conditions that helped practice.

Unfortunately since I had to scrub a trip to L A last October at the last minute, I won’t be venturing to Rowe this time though I would enjoy it.

I hope you all have a good time there!

PS I like Damo Mitchell’s books on T.