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You and your capacity to earn are your biggest assets.  Find ways to make yourself more valuable to other people.  Finish college, but start thinking about jobs now.  Try to find jobs or internships in your chosen field NOW so that you are more marketable when you graduate.  Finding work may be tough in the coming years.

Stay out of debt.  Debt = slavery.  You only want to go into debt to purchase an appreciating asset, like improving your earning capacity through education.  Do not use debt to purchase material things that decline in value.   Along those lines, do not buy another car if you can avoid it, and never waste money on a new car.  Live with as few material possessions as possible.

Don’t worry about buying gold.  That’s for people who already have assets that they are worried about protecting.  If at some point in the future you do have money to save or invest find ways to save it in other currencies besides the dollar.  There are many ways of doing this (too many to go into here), but don’t worry about it until you have money.

Start developing healthy habits if you have not already.  Stop eating junk food and start eating healthy.  Get exercise.  Play sports if you enjoy them.  Don’t pay money to join a gym.  Use the school’s facilities or buy yourself a kettlebell and learn how to exercise with it.

Maintain old friendships and try to begin new ones.

 Believe it or not, RIGHT NOW is still a great time to be alive.  Good luck.