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AC Coupled System

  • Sun, Aug 03, 2014 - 10:51pm



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    AC Coupled System


Very interesting thread.  I had a 3.5 kW grid-tied system installed two years ago.   I love it but I might have held off had I known about some of these advances.  Like Dave, I would be very happy to use my PV system as a back-up power supply during daytime hours.  In the event that the SHTF, my main concern is running my well pump and a few hours each day would be more than sufficient.  

The Ni-Fe batteries are promising and that SMA inverter that can function off grid I looks great.  However, my system was installed with Enphase micro-inverters.  At the time it seemed smart as one panel/inverter can fail while the others continue to work.  But…and this is where I hope some of you smarter than I am might chime in…it is my understanding that it is difficult or even impossible to convert a micro-inverter system into an off-grid or hybrid system.  

I hope I'm wrong about that. Does anyone know of a practical way to do that?


Here is a link to AC coupling. This might do what you wanted.