A different kind of currency

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    A different kind of currency

Thank you for your comments re: “A different kind of currency”

This topic is a nexus of so many things.  When a global currency such as the $ is changed for something else (digital quatroo issued by the IMF?) everything is reset.  Maybe much of the present travail in the world is due to this epochal “currency” change/demise of the $, and no one is really focusing on this real elephant in the room.

We need to get out of our easychairing chit chat crapping on our keyboards.  How can you implement CHSmith’s new currency ideas?

This Summer I will start issuing my own currency as a way to formalize what people living close to the earth do anyway, (keep track of favors as a kind of informal and mutual bank account creation).  lol, I can print paper notes with my stupid face on them with a written in promise of work I will do, along with a contractual alternative redemption value based in a weight of silver.

Everything can be expressed as a contract.  It is easy to make a currency.

Local and personal currencies can be fun.  They are a way for us to formalize what we are already doing: valuing each other based on reputation and experience in the great game of creating wealth for each other.  Anyone else up to this challenge?

We need to focus on wealth creation again.  This is not rocket science.  If a stupid person without any understanding of the real world, much less science or technology, such as Paul Krugman can get paid to opine on the subject it, we can certainly build something that can work better.