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Yes. Apple seeds have small traces of cyanide, so take out the seeds if you can. Chop apples to quicken digestion although they will peck at windfall. Apple sauce taste great to chickens too.

Yes. Powered with dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals, Asparagus is great for chickens in small quantity.

Not all chickens will like it but if yours do, make sure they don’t eat too much as it can taint the taste of the eggs!

No. The stone, skin, and leaves all contain persin which is highly toxic to chickens. Technically, the flesh is ok to eat, but I wouldn’t risk it, you know… Just in case…..

Yes. You should roughly chop before feeding to the hens. Make sure that the buts aren’t in any way moldy.

Almond flour can also be consumed.

You heard right. Broccoli is safe to toss to your chickens. It has high vitamins and low in fat; mine prefers it raw (yours might love the cooked). You ca give them in a suet cage to make the peck at it all day long.

Yes. They are high in vitamins B6, C & A and also contain magnesium, niacin, iron and other trace elements. You see that this fruit is very nutritious.

We hope at the end of this ultimate treats for chickens list, you will have more ideas on what to do with those brown, spotty bananas!

Chicken TreatsBread
Yes. Bread soaked in milk is a treat given to chickens when fattening hens for the pot. They do love bread, but it is nutritionally poor for them.

My advice? Feed in moderation!

Yes. Chickens can consume all sorts of berries and blueberries are one of their favorites. Packed full of minerals and vitamins, blueberries also contains antioxidants.

Note: Their poops will turn blue too!

Banana Peels
Yes. The peel is safe for them but most of them won’t eat it.

If you use a food processor to grind them small enough they will eat them.

Bell Peppers
Yes. This is another family of the nightshade group therefore containing solanie. So do not feed them the leaves, plant and flowers.

On the other hand, the fruit is ok to feed them, but not a favorite chicken treat.

Yes. Cooked only. Raw or undercooked beans will devastate your flock.

Brussels Sprouts
Yes. An excellent source of nutrition. They can have excess leafy follage and sprouts. To ease their feeding, you can rough chop.