$100,000 BTC

  • Wed, Aug 14, 2019 - 12:50am



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    $100,000 BTC

Mark, I’m a crypto investor, if for no other reason than I want a [deserved] reset of the corrupt financial system. So I’m a fan.

Do you have fundamentals behind your theory of a movement to $100K BTC, other than past price patterns? My default is always to disregard history as a justification for future patterns, in case it really is “different this time” for whatever reason.

Jim Rickards offered a few opinions for why BTC, ETH etc may not be hot crypto bankers in the medium or long term. Some of what he says seems logical, but I don’t have sufficient knowledge of the crypto mining environment or ‘whale ownership monopolies’ to critique his opinions. [I don’t move in those circles, either physically or virtually.]

What do you think?