Polyface Farm Weekend For The PP Tribe (June 25-26, 2021)


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Not meaning to diminish Jack London’s immortal classic, The Call of the Wild, but a Call of the Tribe is now in order.

We are facing unknowns, to say the least. Although we live in the richest country on Earth, food insecurity is mysteriously increasing. As of April 2020, more than one in five households in the United States, and two in five households with mothers with children 12 and under, were food insecure (savethechildren.org). This is likely to worsen over time as energy, labor, lumber and other critical primary resources deplete and/or disappear. Dystopian as it may seem, the time to learn HARD SKILLS about sustainable farming and food production is now. And there is no better place to learn than at this amazing event.

We have a packed 2 day event planned at Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farms in Swoope, VA that will teach both the novice and the expert homesteader/farmer alike about the most effective food production methods and techniques known today, at one of the most admired farms in America. Key instructional areas include:

  • Forestry and Water
  • Electric Netting/layers/sheep
  • Broilers:  processing and production
  • Rabbits:  processing and production
  • Leasing rental land and collaborations
  • Sawmills
  • Pigs, Cows, Brooding poultry
  • And much more…
Chris, Adam and many of the Peak Prosperity Tribe will be in attendance and ready to share their unique knowledge and first-hand experience with attendees. Additionally, there will be ample opportunities to speak and engage with Chris and the new team, including a lovely social gathering following the end of day’s activities on Saturday. Plenty of craft brews, wine and lite fare will be provided, so save some time in your schedules and bring your appetites.
This is an event too critical to miss. If for any reason you’d like to attend this event but do not have the resources to do so at this time, please contact [email protected] to request a sponsorship ticket.

Additional Details:

Day one (Fri Jun 25) will be fully packed with presentations, tours, and live demos on the farm. Breakfast, a fresh farm lunch and dinner will be included.

Day two (Sat Jun 26) will continue the learning, though also have intentional space for the PP tribe to socialize and enjoy each other’s company. Again breakfast, fresh farm lunch as well as end of day’s social gathering hosted by Chris and the new Peak Prosperity management team included.

Click here for the closest airports to Swoope and click here for recommended lodging options (most are in nearby Staunton VA)

Other important details:

  • Joel and Polyface Farm are known for their libertarian approach to life. At this stage of COVID, they are leaving mask-wearing up to individual choice.  Much of the weekend will be spent outdoors on farm tours and demonstrations; but if the thought of possibly being around others not wearing masks in late June concerns you, perhaps coming isn’t a good idea.
  • As a reminder: this is NOT a Peak Prosperity-led event like our annual seminars. This is a Polyface event being produced by Joel and team for the benefit of Peak Prosperity tribe. Which is much better, as they know way more about the best practices of sustainable farming 🙂
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Please join us!