Peak Prosperity Digital Seminar: Oct 24-25, 2020


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The world was on shaky footing before coronavirus pandemic erupted and truly upended things.

As covid-19 is accelerating/exacerbating the failure of many of today’s unsustainable trends in our economy, energy systems and environment, how can we protect our loved ones and our wealth? And is there a way to prosper through the coming disruption?

To answer those critical questions, Peak Prosperity is bringing together more expert minds than it ever has before in this year’s seminar — which is being held digitally over Zoom due to covid.

We’ve created a 2-day event offering dozens of presentations and live Q&A sessions with the smartest thinkers we know on how to protect your money, your home, your health and your community in the post-covid era.

When you register, you’ll receive full access to the live Zoom event on Oct 24-25th, as well as replay videos of every presentation to watch and re-watch after the seminar is over. Plus, you’ll receive hours of bonus video presentations from additional experts that we simply couldn’t cram into a single weekend.

It’s MUCH more content than we’ve ever been able to share at a seminar before and — because covid has created such financial hardship for so many — we’re pricing it at, by far, the LOWEST we ever have. We want you to benefit from these critical insights!