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Preserving & Growing Your Wealth

Don’t lose what you’ve worked so hard to earn.

Increasingly volatile markets, manipulated interest rates, and reckless money-printing by central banks are making it harder than ever for the individual investor to build wealth or preserve the purchasing power of their savings.

If this is important to you, we recommend:

1) Speaking with our endorsed financial advisors

Are you finding it difficult to locate a financial advisor who has any awareness of how too much global debt, Peak Oil, and rampant money-printing will likely impact the financial markets — and thereby your investment portfolio? We searched long and hard to endorse an independent firm who does. Schedule a free portfolio review today.


2) Scheduling a personal consultation with Chris Martenson

Receive customized guidance from Chris on where to prioritize your wealth-building efforts given your personal situation. Sessions are conducted over the phone at your convenience. In-person meetings can be arranged upon special request. Consultations for businesses are available, as well.


3) Considering enrolling to receive our best insights


In addition to the free public blog posts and interviews, we publish each week, those looking to preserve and grow wealth should consider enrolling on the site. Enrollment offers access to Chris’ & Adam ‘s premium analysis plus that of our growing team of expert contributing editors. You receive in-depth reports on critical issues, early-warning alerts, and practical, actionable advice on what steps to take in order to protect and grow both your wealth and the quality of your life.


These steps focus on just three of the many resources this site offers. Whether you start with these or not, the important thing is to start engaging!