Becoming Better Prepared

True prosperity is about much more than money.

It’s about increasing your ability to meet the future with confidence, regardless of what it may bring. It’s about investing in your home, your community, your relationships, and yourself. And it’s about taking action today.

If this is important to you, we recommend:

1) Explore our site’s ResilientLife section

How-to advice from experienced voices
Daily Prep
Preparedness articles from around the Web
Information about key preparedness skills

2) Join a Group

Connect and collaborate with those in your local area. Or learn from and share ideas with with passionate members from around the world.


3) Start with our What Should I Do? Guide

Step-by-step guidance and product recommendations for those looking to start preparing for a future defined by Peak Oil.

Hundreds of hours of experience and knowledge from our site community has been condensed into this easy-to-follow digest.


These steps focus on just three of the many resources this site offers. Whether you start with these or not, the important thing is to start engaging!