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    PP Seminar: Early Bird Discount Extended To Midnight Sunday

    Given all the coronavirus coverage, we decided to give you 48 extra hours
    by Adam Taggart

    Friday, January 31, 2020, 10:02 PM

It’s Friday night, and being honest, Chris and I are exhausted from our non-stop coverage of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak — now an official pandemic.

In just the past week, we’ve published 10 videos, 3 articles, 3 premium reports, and 1 podcast on the emerging crisis — in parallel with the numerous podcasts and media interviews Chris has participated in. Phew!!

(If you’re not yet up-to-speed on the coronavirus, which the US declared a national health emergency a few hours ago, click here to access our full coverage of the situation.)

As we were closing down for the night, we suddenly realized that today (Friday, Jan 31) is supposed to be the deadline for the Early Bird price discount to our May seminar.

We feel badly that we didn’t have the bandwidth to remind you all more prominently of that, given our daily scramble to produce updates on the viral outbreak.

So, we’re going to extend the deadline to midnight PT this Sunday, Feb 2. That gives you the next 48 hours to register and lock in the discounted price — which is quite substantial; it’s 38% lower than the general admission price.

The programming for this year’s seminar is looking amazing by the way…

Chris and I will be joined our strongest faculty line-up ever, which now includes, Bruce Buena de Mesquita (The Rules For Rulers), Peter Boghossian (How To Have Impossible Conversations), Joel Skousen (Strategic Relocation), Mike Maloney, Charles Hugh Smith, Wolf Richter, Axel Merk, John Rubino, Richard Heinberg, Jeff Clark, Russ Gray, the farmers from Singing Frogs Farm, the financial experts from New Harbor Financial and Joe Stumpf.

And for the first-time ever, we’ll have a parallel track dedicated to socializing and community building with whichever of the other amazing like-minded attendees you want to get to know better.

Chris and I can’t wait to see you there in May.

But first, lock in your seat! The Early Bird price discount expires at midnight on Sunday!!


Feedback From Recent Past Peak Prosperity Seminars

“I am SO grateful for the work that you two do. I know you travel extensively, all while conducting amazing research, interviewing guests, writing articles, not to mention walking the talk in your own personal lives. Please take care of yourselves, rest when you need to. We will wait patiently. The seminar was just what I needed to give me a push to continue my preparations. The practical information from the speakers and my fellow attendees was just what I was hoping for. The unexpected bonus was learning that people all across the country were engaged in the same preparations. It gives me hope. You have planted seeds across the country. Bless you.”

“I wanted to reiterate that this event exceeded my grandest expectations. Not only did it inspire me to start making immediate changes in my life, but it has also given me renewed confidence in recommending PP to others. I’m now certain this experience is far more than just “doom and gloom and get your preps in order”. Sure, I anticipated that a bit before the seminar, but I now have the “street cred” to speak with those I care about and say “hey, you should really take a look at this, and not just because we might run out of fossil fuels in our lifetime, but because this could fundamentally change who you are, for the better”. Essentially, this event forever changed the way I’ll communicate the message of our tribe and I am so grateful for that!”

“As a newbie I found everyone to be warm and welcoming. It was a rich and rewarding experience. Thank you for your commitment to making a world worth inheriting! You are both so very appreciated!!”

“Thank you for bringing such an amazing group of people together and creating such a comfortable, friendly environment within which to interact.”

“Really appreciated the social events, bringing in local suppliers, and the detailed planning that went into this.”

“Both of you are doing such important great work, more because you give us tools and hope. A great break in the insanity, and a sense that we are all in this together. No one wants ‘Mad Max’, and by helping each of us learn to live with greater resilience, your process shows we don’t have to have that future.”

“The energy you two bring to the room is truly remarkable. I was not bored a single second of the weekend. I could have done 2 more days.”

“Please keep offering these. It’s the only place in my life where I convene with people who welcome the range of information and experiences that this seminar offers. I think it really helps build community on the site. Finally, I feel really grateful for the role that Chris & Adam play in helping us navigate these challenging times. I rest easier knowing how constant you are in keeping us up to date in what’s going on while also stretching our beliefs. Big hug to you both!”

“Chris mentioned how important connection is for health. I think one reason gathering the tribe leads to such intense experiences is that the difficulty of discussing this material in daily life creates a sense of isolation. I felt an almost frenzied need to hear and be heard by others who share the Peak Prosperity viewpoint, followed by a profound relief when I was finally in their company. Thank you.”

“The presentation was very professional and well-organized and the local food and drink during the breaks was a nice touch. Great job!!!!”



Presentations are insight-rich and highly interactive

‘Off The Cuff’ celebrities Axel Merk (Merk Funds), John Rubino (DollarCollapse.com) & Wolf Richter (WolfStreet.com) share their forecasts

Just a peek into the many social activities designed to build relationships and nurture tribe-building

Charles Hugh Smith and Richard Heinberg exchange thoughts on the decline of empire before enjoying whiskey & gin tasting at Spirit Works distillery

Walking tour of Singing Frogs Farm


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