Is the ability to make Person 2 Person payments with digital gold/silver something you want?

By Dinero on Mon, Sep 30, 2013 - 3:11am
57% (24 votes)
Not really.
21% (9 votes)
It might be fun to try it.
21% (9 votes)
Total votes: 42


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private v public money

We citizens seem confused about what kind of money we have and what kind we would like.  Not one in a hundred is bothered that the government has the power and responsibility to create money.  Where else,they think,  would it come from?   It only proves our economic system is too complicated.  Global complexity has made us all idiots in our own communities while a living more locally focus would expose our dependencies.  We are social creatures and need dependencies but we have been most cruelly exploited by the myth of public money.  It COULD be managed fairly but as the last 20+ years have shown, the temptation to exploitation is too great.  Public money does not need responsible citizens.  Private money requires a buy in.  It encourages public virtue because it cannot be compelled.  Our current gov't does not seem interested in civic virtue--citizens that support what needs doing--they prefer mandating obedience and punishing to ensure cooperation. No virtue necessary there! 

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My gold/silver questions.

Some months ago, when metals seemed destined to keep rising, I converted some nest eggs into silver and gold. Since then the value has actually dropped by almost a third. I realize this is largely due to propping up of the dollar via QE. Because I was not near retirement, I had to store my physical coins with a reputable third party which manages trusts.

I am concerned that this arrangement could prove disastrous if the overall economy were to crash, and the separation from my assets might go south.

I am now closer to a time when the penalty for taking delivery would be less, nut my broker who sold the coins informs that a penalty is still assessed beyond age 60. Any input is appreciated.

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