How long is it taking for delivery of precious metals to be delivered from date of purchase?

By Gatortrapper on Tue, May 28, 2013 - 4:19pm
Immediate Delivery
17% (1 vote)
1 - 5 Business days
0% (0 votes)
6 - 10 Business days
17% (1 vote)
More than 10 business days
67% (4 votes)
Total votes: 6


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JM Bullion over 4 weeks

Purchased 4/12.  Two weeks for the check to clear (4/26).  Shipped 5/24.  Scheduled to arrive 6/3.

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Delivery Update

Well Hard Assets Alliance finally delivered yesterday. So it took 24 days from the placement of the order with my cleared funds in their control to delivery.

It was explained that the size of the units I bought (1/10oz) in Canadian Maples contributed to the problem because the mint had a delivery issue for smaller sizes. I wanted those to fill a niche in preparation for smaller denomination PM that could be used for transactions. Large enough to be recognized as bona fide but small enough for moderate transactions.


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Delivery Timeline

My supplier delivers immediatly upon receipt of Pay Pal funds (but does a 3% upcharge) or when he has my personal check in hand. There is no delay.

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Delivery from Tulving

My recent order for 1oz Maple Leafs paid by wire on May 22 has not shipped yet. The owner has declined to provide a shipping commitment. So it's now past two weeks. This is a supplier I used to love because they had a commitment to ship within 24 hours of receiving funds. No more. Be careful...their business model has obviously changed. What a shame.

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Delivery from Tulving

Re: Tommyguy's complaint about Tulving

I had a similar problem recently.  They shipped part of an order immediately but were unable to ship some gold from Ohio Precious Metals to me for more than a month.  They advertise that they won't take orders on things they don't have in stock but, I assume, they did not have the gold in stock and OPM could not deliver as promised because of the high demand for physical.  They got the funds by wire on 4/22 which was a bad time re: increased demand.  The delivery was finally made on 5/23.

Most distressing was the fact that they would not offer any explanation for the delay so that left you wondering what was going on and would you eventually get what you had ordered. 

Based on Chris's recommendation here on PP, I have ordered PMs from Tulving on at least 8 occasions over the past 4 years and I have never had any delay or other problems until now. Shipment was always immediate.


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Tulving Bad News

Some serious bad news about Tulving:

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