How long is it taking for delivery of precious metals to be delivered from date of purchase?

By Gatortrapper on Tue, May 28, 2013 - 4:18pm
Immediate Delivery
5% (1 vote)
1 - 5 Business days
16% (3 votes)
6 - 10 Business days
37% (7 votes)
More than 10 business days
42% (8 votes)
Total votes: 19


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Took 7- 8 days on my order with Apmex a couple weeks ago.

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JM Bullion over 30 days

I ordered on the day PM dipped in April and I still am waiting for the 2nd order I placed from JM Bullion. I ordered from Gold Silver and recieved within 7 days.  Middle dealers are scrambling to find stock.  I'm a new Gold purchaser.

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A Silver Anomaly

There is a 50% spread on silver at the Perth mint. Perth mint sells 1oz for $33 and buys for $22.

Gold's spread is much less.

Why is there this difference between the two metals? 

It is almost as though they want to supress churn. There is no incentive to sell and none to buy. But why?

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Silver Premiums back in line

I just bought from APMEX today and the premium on ASE was back to $2.69, about what it was a few months ago before all the hoopla. I expect delivery in about a week. Not unreasonable.

Small tip if you buy from APMEX...I buy small quantities of ASE's, usually just 10 or 20 every other month and have been paying $19.95 for shipping when I buy from APMEX site but today I bought from APMEX on eBay and the ASE's were the same price but shipping was only $7.95 and since I only bought 10 today that is a nice savings.

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Private Dealer

My dealer ships upon receipt of pay pal funds (but adds a 3% upcharge) or he ships the day he receives my personal check. Have done 10 + transactions and had no issues. Premium is 12% on silver. I can't afford too much gold. I guess shipping the day of receipt of funds would have to qualify as immediate.

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