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    Peak Prosperity Is Hiring!

    Three Roles - Incredible Opportunities for the Right People
    by Chris Martenson

    Monday, April 5, 2021, 9:36 AM

Note:  This Post has been added to to provide more context and announce two new roles.

Peak Prosperity is Hiring!

I have big plans.  In the years to come Peak Prosperity will continue to be a place where free-thinking people can gather and explore ideas.  A bit of foreshadowing, we will also be charting a new course over the coming months and years.  Much has changed in the world since Peak Prosperity was founded, and I have grown and matured and changed too as has this community.  While all the basic themes and content will continue, emphasis will increasing shift to solutions.  Big, world shaping solutions as well as more personal solutions.    

More immediately, if not urgently, I need to fill the roles of general manager of Peak Prosperity (actually, for the LLC that will house Peak Prosperity and its related activities), Content Manager (which is a very senior role) and Production/Event Coordinator.

So, I’m hiring!  My strong preference would be to find the right person right here in this community. 

Note:  This is a new addition to the original post, so what follows may be new to you:

New Positions

Peak Prosperity is going to continue to offer the same fact-based content aligned along the economy, energy and environment topics as well as the eight forms of capital (financial, social, knowledge, emotional, material, emotional, cultural and time).

It is going to stop having advertising that serves to compromise reader privacy and control of their own data, as well as any sponsored ads that promote such things that reasonably might cause a new reader to steer clear of the site.

It is going to begin offering new content that points to the sort of macro/global solutions that actually could offer a sustainable future in which we could all believe.  These will initially be in the areas of sustainable energy, agriculture, water, and economic/cultural issues.

So, basically more emphasis on solutions at every level including all the way on up to global.

That’s the what, but it is the way we do that is vital.  How we go about sharing that content is more important than the content. If that makes any sense.

In a sentence we might call this fact-based messaging.

That’s a pithy sentence, so let me decode that a bit.

Evidence, or facts, are necessary but insufficient.  Facts alone really will only change the minds of a very small group of people. Whether these people were born that way or learned it along the way, they represent too small of a population to really accomplish much.

Which means that any and all attempts to sway behaviors by simply providing facts, facts, and more facts will be ineffective.  We’re drowning in desperate facts and yet nothing really changes.  That’s the evidence we have.

An example might be that we know that serum levels of Vitamin D above a certain threshold will cut Covid mortality by 50% or more, yet there’s no global or national campaign to promote and distribute this cheap and easy solution.  Why not?  It works, it’s cheap, and it’s ridiculously safe.  If those facts meant anything then Vitamin D would already be talked about and distributed and part of everyone’s shared experience of Covid.  But that’s not the case.  The reasons are many and complex, but we can at least admit that facts and evidence have been insufficient to change behaviors.

The missing element in this and a hundred other examples from every corner of our predicament laden world is in the framing, or the narrative that is used.  The short-hand word for this is “messaging.”

Certainly the power of story can be understood through cultural and anthropological lenses, but it’s my view that there’s great power in understanding our evolutionary past and biological wiring.  Behavioral economics (Ariely) and human evolutionary behavior (Sapolsky) are examples of areas of study that offer insights which can enhance our messaging to increase its influence.

Effective messaging also knows that it is beliefs more than facts that stand between someone’s current habits and actions and new ones.

All of which is to say that if we’re going to actually help swing the needle of human progress back towards actual sustainability, we’ve got to utilize fact-based messaging.  This is what I’ve set out to do and I’ve become reasonably good at it.  Now I need help.  A lot of help.

Shaping narratives is an all-consuming endeavor, especially when up against the counter-messaging of multibillion-dollar giants.

The Roles I’m Hiring For

Given that big, audacious mission, I need to fill several critical positions.

I’ve already posted for a GM position (below) but, truthfully, I got ahead of myself.

My most pressing needs are for the next two roles; the first is a Content Manager and the second is an Event/Program coordinator.

So, I am opening up the job search for all three of these roles at this time.

Content Manager Position

  • Has a passion for the content and desires to meaningfully contribute to a sustainable future
  • Skilled or willing to develop deep proficiency at promoting a wide variety of content across all social media and distribution platforms
  • Excellent at organizing and curating content
  • Able to map organizational strategies and goals to content
  • Excellent editing ability and a strong attention to details
  • Believes in fact-based messaging (defined above)


Program/Event Manager Position

  • Has a strong passion for the mission
  • Excels at managing events and all their many details from start to finish
  • Adept coordinator of logistically complex events
  • Excellent at interacting with event participants throughout the cycle
  • Excellent under pressure, and able to make quick decisions and make-do when necessary
  • Events will be on-line, on site, and at various places across the country and possibly globe

General Manager of Peak Prosperity

A rare opportunity to join an exciting small company with strong future prospects has opened up. Working closely with Chris Martenson as the general manager of PeakProsperity.com, the successful candidate will have a rare opportunity to combine mission with livelihood.

The ideal candidate will ensure that strategic goals are met by setting and implementing operational policies, create and maintain budgets, manage employees & contractors, and oversee content delivery schedules. They will be an adept leader with a strong business mind and a passion for logistics, organization and collaboration.  Seeking only a person with a long-term role in mind.

Location – Western MA, USA.

Skills & Abilities

  • Experience operating web platforms and running a web-based business and/or a deep comfort and facility with technology a huge plus.
  • Solid experience running/managing a business and staff.
  • Strong capabilities on all the usual business applications (Excel, PowerPoint, Quicken, etc.).
  • Detail oriented, and able to map those details to long-range strategies and plans.
  • Clear and effective communicator

Job elements

  • Extremely flexible hours. Also, odd hours as events sometimes happen or transpire on weekends or late at night.  Definitely not a 9-5 job.
  • Can be mostly remote, but regular/weekly working sessions required to keep the team tight and aligned. First few months will require much more in-person contact. Preference given to those within maximum of 3 hours driving range, or willing to relocate.
  • Will handle/interface with accounting/bookkeeping firm to assure clean and prompt books, payments and receivables and tax filings.
  • Develop and provide reporting on all business aspects (site metrics, Google analytics, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – tracking all main and key metrics to know how we’re doing)
  • Arrange, negotiate and manage all affiliate and contract deals.
  • Oversee the development of a new website. Need to upgrade along with other online venues within the calendar year.

Pay & Benefits

  • Salary will be negotiated on experience. Range is $90k – $150k
  • Profit sharing will provide a significant incentive. Also to be negotiated.

Candidate qualities

  • Is familiar with and in strong support of the core messages of Peak Prosperity.
  • Knows and believes in the message and methods of Chris Martenson and his assembled tribe which values truth seeking, freedom of expression, has an unquenchable curiosity, and fully believes in the ideas that humans have exceeded the carrying capacity of the earth (at current per capita rates of consumption) and the need for a massive shift in consciousness and behavior for the future to have any believability.
  • Is a complete self-starter. Wakes up and works throughout the workday. I am not a manager, and I don’t want to become one.
  • Gets the job done. When something needs doing, it gets done, no matter the size of the task.
  • Takes direction well, but doesn’t really need any.
  • Understands and works to support the creative process of the content creators.
  • Will be excellent at managing (and mentoring as needed) staff in their tasks and development, as well as all business relationships.
    Has advanced emotionally maturity and has done enough inner exploration to ‘own their own stuff.’ [Note: This role involves interfacing with customers and the public who are often at all different levels of emotional processing as their world changes rapidly and shifts from beneath them – we have to be the steady rock for them. Internally we resolve and work through our issues in a mature way. Externally we help others do the same.]
  • Great sense of humor, not easily offended or triggered.
  • Initiates easily and often, especially when confronted with a brand-new concept or task. “Fail early and fail often” – we learn by doing.
  • Is comfortable making decisions and moving forward on the basis of incomplete information.
  • Calm and collected in high pressure situations.
  • Capable of changing direction quickly based on new information (when the data or situation changes, so do we)
  • Is comfortable with who they are.
  • Is extremely open-minded. At Peak Prosperity we explore all sorts of concepts and ideas, many of them non-conformist. If you are threatened by ideas, or have strong views that aren’t open to exploration, this won’t be a good role.

Please submit a resume, references and a cover letter to [email protected]

Or please pass this along to someone who you know who would be a good fit.

For the right person, this is an incredible opportunity.

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