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CLICK HERE to buy the Crash Course DVD!

The Crash Course
is always available free for viewing online or downloading via bittorrent at, but many of you have
told us that you also want to purchase a DVD version to present publicly or give to
friends.  Here it is!

About ordering through

Duplium, a DVD fulfillment company contracted by, is
handling DVD sales and customer service for us so that we can continue to focus
on what Chris does best - site content, reports, podcasts, and more.

For customer service related to DVD orders, please contact
Duplium directly at 800-928-2018 or Mia at [email protected].  We at are not handling DVD
orders and are unable to provide assistance for issues related to orders placed
through Duplium. Please be sure to doublecheck your address carefully before completing your order, because once the order has been sent it is not possible to change the shipping address. 

Ordering DVDs

Two versions of the DVD are now available for purchase:

Basic Edition (coming soon)

  • Inexpensive one-disc version, ideal for buying
    in bulk
  • Contains the same version of the Crash Course that can be viewed or
    downloaded at
  • Available in your choice of either a plastic
    Amaray DVD case (currently available)
    or a simple cardboard sleeve (coming
  • Convenient for passing out at public presentations
    or house parties, to business customers, to friends and relatives, etc.
  • Available only in NTSC format
  • Offered for bulk ordering only - no single disks
  • PRICE: $40 for 10 disks, $80 for 25 disks, $150 for
    50 disks, $285 for 100 disks

 Special Edition (now available in both PAL and NTSC format)

  • Best option if you want to purchase a single
    copy of the Crash Course
  • Also ideal for group showings, house parties, library
    distribution, etc.
  • Contains an improved version of the Crash Course, similar to the Basic
    Edition but with significant enhancements
  • Divided onto three separate discs to make the Crash Course easy to watch or present in
    multiple installments
  • Enhanced with bonus live video segments of Chris
    Martenson introducing and summarizing each disc
  • Improved chapter sequence and numbering
  • Contains a companion booklet offering tips on
    hosting a viewing, study questions for discussion sessions, ideas for spreading
    the word, and other helpful information
  • Available in both NTSC format (currently available) and PAL format (coming soon)
  • Discount negotiable
    for charities, libraries, and non-profit organizations - e-mail us for terms
  • PRICE: $30 for one set (contains three sequential discs
    plus booklet), $100 for four sets, and $199 for ten sets

Click here to go to Duplium's site to buy DVDs.  Your purchase helps to support
Chris Martenson's continuing work and our ability to continue offering the Crash Course free for viewing at

Any order questions or customer service issues should be
directed to Duplium at 800-928-2018 or Mia at [email protected].