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    Off The Cuff: The Root Cause Of Much Of Today’s Strife

    The decision to go off the gold standard in 1971
    by Adam Taggart

    Thursday, August 24, 2017, 7:18 PM

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In this week's Off The Cuff podcast, Chris and John Rubino discuss:

  • The Root Cause Of Much Of Today's Strive
    • Going off the gold standard in 1971
  • Financialization Has Led To Polarization
    • It has allowed for a very unfair distribution of wealth
  • Our Polarization Makes Us Susceptible To Fear
    • Which the media and special interests stoke
  • Stay Focused, Don't Act Out Of Fear
    • Intentional resilience is the antidote to today's chaos

Longtime Off The Cuff listeners are really going to enjoy this week's discussion, in which Chris and John dig into the more existential questions of "how did we get here?" and "how do we regain a hopeful future?" when looking at the increasingly extreme social rift occurring in today's society. Interestingly, they trace the root cause for a lot of today's strife back to the US' decision to take the world off the gold standard (i.e. sound money) in 1971. This removed a very important control, in the absence which the power players in government and the corporate world were able to increasingly warp the system to their own advantage through racketeering. Over time, the wealth has concentrated at the very top, leaving everyone else a thinner and thinner slice of the pie.

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