The Last Great Bubble - Podcast

Dear @profile_first,

The next podcast is available for subscribers. This second podcast went better than the first from a production standpoint, although I already have a raft of ideas for how to improve the third.

In this one, Becca Martenson joins me as the co-host.

As always, keep your questions coming! They are the best part.


In this podcast entitled The Last Great Bubble, Chris discusses market activity for the past week, employment and unemployment data, and the possibility of another great bubble in bonds hiding in plain sight before addressing subscriber questions.

If a last great bubble lurks in our near future, then an enormous advantage exists for those that can either step aside or take temporary advantage of its bursting.


A quick update


I have been working harder than ever these days, although much of it is behind the scenes.  Last week I met with a company in Toronto that wants to distribute thousands of copies of the Crash Course to their client base, and confirmed the details for an upcoming PBS shoot that they will use for their spring fund drive.

This next week (Jan 12) I will be working in a studio to produce the next version of the Crash Course DVD. This will be money well spent.  The DVD will come as a multi-disc set (resulting in higher viewing quality) and come with a study guide and presenter's package to assist with getting the material out.  In preparation for this I have been writing copy, practicing lines, preparing all the files and performing other basic production tasks.

The media exposure and momentum have been growing for the Crash Course and your efforts and support have been an invaluable component of that progress.

Thank you for your continued support.