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    New Martenson Report Ready – The Great Asset Bubble

    by Chris Martenson

    Sunday, February 15, 2009, 7:48 PM

A new Martenson Report is ready for subscribers.  It explores the connection between baby boomers, the stock market returns of the 1990’s, bonds, and the trade deficit to make the claim that even if we somehow "fix" the economy here and now, significant headwinds probably remain that will prevent a full return to "how things were."

Here’s part of the conclusion:

Most people cannot imagine a future any different from the present. For many people, the coming changes will bring unexpected shock, inconvenience, trauma, or worse. By thinking about these possibilities now and reshaping your expectations of the future, you will be far better prepared for the ride. Some people are already experiencing unexpected and perhaps unwelcome challenges in their lives due to the economic transition that is already beginning to play out. At this point, not many are expecting change to be imposed upon them, and even fewer have thought about where this change will carry them. But some have thought about it, and making even simple changes to how you think about the future can be…well, a sound investment.

Link to The Great Asset Bubble


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