It's Official: The Economy Is Set To Starve

Tuesday, November 23, 2010, 12:18 PM
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It's Official: The Economy Is Set To Starve

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Executive Summary

  • The age of conventional oil is over, but energy demand will continue to climb.
  • Natural gas is the "silver" of energy plays.
  • The inexorable onset of Peak Oil will drive natural gas much, much higher.
  • A tipping point of awareness approaches.
  • Prepare for extreme market volatility.

Part I

It's the End of the Oil As We Know It...

Please click here to read Part I of this report.

Part II

Scouring the Globe for Fuel

Please click here to read Part II of this report.

Part III

Okay, so we've come to the conclusion that by the time the IEA, which has every incentive to underplay the timing and impact of Peak Oil, has publicly done everything but hand the world an engraved invitation on a silver platter that reads You are cordially invited to accept the reality of Peak Oil, it's already past time to begin making whatever adjustments you are going to make.

Remember, it is my view that when the changes finally arrive in full force, their speed will overtake most people's, countries', and companies' ability to react gracefully. (Click here for a recent report on this subject). Which means that the time to begin these efforts, if you have not already started, is now.

But we've gone over this in quite a bit of detail recently, and so I will not rehash those thoughts here and now. This report begins with the assumption that you have taken care of the basics: food, water, energy, and shelter. Further, you have gold and silver. You've got enough spare goods, parts, and necessities to take care of yourself, your family, and a few others besides. You've safely removed a comfortable portion of your wealth from the paper-based banking and financial systems. You are diligently working on building your local community.

Okay, so you've done all of that.  Now what?


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