Update on the UK Trip

Wednesday, February 17, 2010, 12:57 PM
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I'll use this entry to keep updating my UK trip experiences for any who are interested in what's going on over here.

On a personal note, I came over with a cold that - *shudder* - felt and sounded like a case of laryngitis on the ride over, and for my first appearance at the CSFI event, which I literally croaked my way through.  Fortunately, with lots of vitamin supplements and happy thoughts, I seem to have converted this into a standard head and chest cold.

The CSFI event yesterday was held in one of those places that says "establishment" - oak-paneled for all 20 feet of the wall height, and leather chairs arranged around a 20x10 foot walnut table, burnished by the centuries.  The other panelist was from the Bank of England, and I give her enormous credit for having trundled through a large portion of the Crash Course in order to formulate her remarks/rebuttal to my presentation.  The other attendees were mostly very senior members of large banks and consultancies, but also represented a few other professions. 


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