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Friday, May 28, 2010, 10:09 AM
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Well, we are getting our second taste of a multi-day power outage for the second time in a month, and this one may last for the better part of a week.  We had a ripper of a thunderstorm come across the entire region on Wednesday.  The power company is saying that the damage is worse than last year's ice storm, which was the most destructive event in their history at that point.

We've got some amazing damage up here.  One lady in town had a string of 5 trees all get ripped up and pushed over, and now she has a literal wall of roots 50' long and 15' high, dead vertical, right where her shady backyard used to be.

So score another one for harsh weather.

Right now the power suppliers are on full triage and are focusing on getting power back to hospitals and emergency services, then grocery stores, nursing homes, etc. etc. etc., until they finally get to residences - and even then, they'll go for higher-density areas first.


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