Understanding the Silver Market

Wednesday, February 1, 2012, 1:45 AM
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[We invited David Morgan, noted silver expert and proprietor of, to provide our enrolled members with periodic updates on silver (which is up nearly 20% from the start of the year). He begins this week with an explanation of the mechanics of how it is bought and sold, and details how the dynamics of the physical and paper markets for the metal differ. -- Adam]

Revisiting the Case for Silver

Silver is one of the most compelling commodities to own, solely based on the industrial component and supply-demand fundamentals. Yet this isn’t the most important reason to invest in the metal; the monetary aspect is what makes it imperative, given that the fiat money house of cards could come crumbling down, bringing the entire global system to its knees. Along with gold, silver has been the preferred money of choice for thousands of years, as chosen by the market. It is not the barbarous relic that many who fail to understand honest money proclaim; rather, it possesses characteristics that the market finds the most ideal.


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