Roadmap - Personal Preparation

Friday, December 18, 2009, 11:25 AM
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Note:  The following is a chapter I was asked to write for an upcoming book being put out by the Postcarbon Institute that will feature a large number of author's contributions including Richard Heinberg, Rob Hopkins, Bill McKibben and many other notables. 

I have an agreement with them regarding public distribution of this material prior to the book release so I ask that you not copy, paste and distribute this electronically.  You may print it out and share with whomever you like. 

It can feel pretty personally overwhelming to learn about all the economic, environmental and energy challenges in store for us for the rest of this century. There's plenty of work to be done by governments and businesses, sure—but what about preparing yourself and your family for this quickly changing world? The choices seem overwhelming. Where does one begin?


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