Reflections on Commonwealth

Wednesday, January 27, 2010, 1:50 PM
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Here is a link to the streaming audio file of the Commonwealth Talk.  It’s also available for free by subscribing to their iTunes stream here.  A special thanks to Commonwealth Club, Climate One, and their excellent production team for hosting me and creating this podcast.  I encourage you to check out the Climate One blog and their Facebook page to view a brief video clip of the talk.

I want to share a few inside observations and experiences from the talk yesterday.

First, the Commonwealth Club was completely caught off guard by the response to my talk.  Their phone rang off the hook, they told me that some long-time members who couldn't get in were very disappointed, and they even explored moving the other speaker to an off-site venue to free up their main room for me.

They couldn't quite get that arranged, and so it didn't happen, but the idea that I almost bumped Eliot Spitzer is both amusing and humbling.

Even knowing it was sold out, roughly 30 people showed up and waited to see if any stand-by slots opened up.  I went into their holding room, introduced myself, and spent some time there right before the talk, because I really wanted to meet everyone and it seemed such a shame to not be able to speak to everyone who wanted to hear me.


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